Clarence Chamber Proposal

Clarence Chamber Website Proposal
Key features and updates:

  • New contemporary look.
  • Multiscreen Responsive site that works on Mobile and Tablets
  • Online Application
  • Newsletter reader
  • Unlimited pages for Testimonials, Reviews, Job Postings.
  • Easy Elements like Photo Galleries, Contact Forms
  • Easy Online Content Management
  • No onsite hardware or software

Market Promotional Ad Space on the site as revenue stream for site build and maintenance.

  • New Member Directory using
  • Highly Searchable
  • Calendar of Events

New Look:

The West Seneca Chamber site has many features that could be incorporated into a new design for Clarence

  • Cleaner look
  • Onsite advertising
  • Mobile Enabled
  • Clean content
  • Clear navigation

Not to copy it by any means, but lots of good ideas here:

Multiscreen Responsive Design:

Changes made to the main site are automatically mirrored to the mobile and tablet version.

General Website Build:

Set up framework in new Website Editor
Build Page Structure and Navigation

  • Home
  • About the Chamber
  • Reasons to Join
  • Membership Application
  • Contact Us
  • Officers/ Board of Directors
  • Benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • AM Networking
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Relocation Packages
  • Investors Club
  • Others if needed

Place images and graphics

Update content

Setup emails

Check and edit

Basic Member list upload to Memberfindme


My estimate for this is 50 hours.
There are a few variables but I believe this is a good target. It could be less if we trim a little, sometimes a new idea or project comes up and it goes a little over.

Since we bill in 10 hour Prepaid Plantime Blocks, we can move along in stages.

Member Directory:

There are a number of ways that we could handle migrating the existing member list to member find me.

The simplest way would be to use an Excel spreadsheet and import the member list into member find me. This would bring in the basic information about the members but it wouldn't add any additional enhanced information such as pictures and descriptions and deals. This will produce a searchable Member Directory and also be formatted to work on Mobile. This is included in the above proposal.

Since a Chamber of Commerce is largely about it's members, we have the opportunity to do something First Class.

To create a really useful and good looking member directory would take some extra work. however, that's what makes a really great member directory.

If we were considering selling promotional marketing spaces on the member directory page similar to the way you do in the printed  member directory, perhaps even instead of the printed directory, we could enhance the Member Listings with Descriptions, Keywords, Images and Special Deals.

I believe we could work out a way where offering promotional spots on the Directory would more than offset the cost of making everyone look great and making the  Member Directory a real feature of the Chamber Website

Here are some images of the features available with Memberfindme and enhanced listings: (Click the image to go to the actual page):

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