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Website Design

Performance, efficiency and elegance are the key elements that make Brentwood’s platform unique. We build Responsive sites that work perfectly on PC, Tablet and Mobile with complete Content Management. Easy for you to update and keep content fresh.
Mobile Website Design

Every business needs a Mobile Enabled Website. With more searches performed on Mobile Devices than on PCs, it’s essential to be User Friendly on Mobile. Viewers simply leave a website that that doesn’t work. And besides, Google said so!

Mobile Local Fusion

Mobile Local Fusion ties together all aspects of Local Search. Searches for Local Businesses on Google produces Local Results, especially on Mobile. Accurate Business Information, Excellent Reviews and a Mobile Website all have to work together.
Places Package

How your business is listed on platforms all over the web is critical for Local search. We make sure your Name Address and Phone number (NAP) is perfect on over 60 different search sites like Google Yahoo, Bing, Superpages, and more.
Review Robots

Positive reviews are critical. We all read them and clearly they affect or buying decisions. Well, your potential customers read them too. Helping Happy Customers leave Positive Reviews is what Review Robots is all about. 5 stars beats 2 stars every day.
Get Mobile

Ok, you showed up in the search list, your have good reviews, but if they can’t use your website, you’re done. Sorry, but it is that simple. More importantly Google has announced that they might not even list a business that doesn’t have a Mobile Site.

Computer Technologies

PC Upgrades

We make getting a new PC a dream! We take great pride getting everything perfect on your New Computer... Software, Documents, Networking, Printers, Files, Email setup, Favorites, Antivirus, etc. It’s our job to build it so you “Love It!”
Wifi Access

Wifi Router technology is always improving. If you need more Wifi range or speed we can help. We can set up secure Guest Access for your customers and ensure that Wifi coverage is complete and secure at your location.
Software Support

Many businesses prefer to keep their existing software instead of upgrading. Unfortunately, older software versions do not always run properly on new computers and require configuration. We’ve been at this for over 20 years, we can make it work.
Backup Strategies

We prefer to restore backups over providing counseling after all is lost. External drives fail, Flash drives fail, Hope isn’t good enough. Prior planning and custom combinations of Backup Solutions will keep your data safe and accessible.

Adding a new computer to an office can be a challenge. From transferring data and software, to setting up Routers to running new Cable, we can do it all, and do it all right. Diligent engineering and planning are the key to smooth transitions.
Surveillance Solutions

A video security solution for your business doesn't have to be expensive. In most cases the security solution will pay for itself within months by deterring theft, reducing shrink, preventing liability claims, and increasing employee productivity. We can point you in the right direction.
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